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Aminata Sarnor

Loan Officer
NMLS# 1462294

I believe that everything you do in this life should be for the benefit of others and yourself. Getting a homebuyer to the table and seeing their face with keys in their hands is a better feeling than any material object. Guiding my referral partners to grow their business and see their business dreams achieved is a passion that I live for. I could tell you about my ten years of experience having a 100% close rate on my loans or spend an hour going over all the programs and ways I help homebuyers and homeowners, but that all pales in comparison to what you truly get when you work with me. For years I have volunteered at the VA Hospital, spending time with our Veterans and making them feel as special as they deserve. All last year I helped support my mother’s dream in Africa to build up her community with a property that now brings income and wealth to the town. I give back by using my skills as a runner to help with the local Special Olympics, and let me tell you; nothing surpasses seeing those faces as they accomplish something others say they couldn’t. And isn’t that what we do every day with homebuyers? My commitment to you is that I will always be honest and true. I will communicate with you and the clients along the path. I want to help you reach your goals and dreams because we are all in this together as all ships rise with a rising tide.

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