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James Baker

Loan Officer
NMLS# 344229

With over 20 years in the banking and mortgage industry, I am the ideal Mortgage consultant for your every mortgage need. I have experience in helping current home owners restructure debt, first time home buyers find their dream home and helping rest estate investors expand their rental portfolio. As James The Mortgage Guy, I am well-equipped to assist every client.

I began my career in 1997 as a Telemarketer calling potential homeowners in refinancing their existing properties until 1999. After a few years working on the investment side and in the post- closing department, I came back in 2007 to learn how to originate loans.

Passionate about the industry, I soon became increasingly frustrated over the regulatory changes that the government imposed on the industry. This led me to learn more about credit laws and regulations. I am able to provide quality mortgage solutions along with several financing sources to help every client.

I specialize in several areas of mortgage and finance, and I will assure you that First time home buyers find that I will provide them with more than enough information when it comes to purchasing a home, including helping the individual understand terms of the loan and preparing for the financial future after taking on a mortgage, as well as experienced homebuyers.

Current home owners can look to me to assist in restructuring debt or transfer debt in order to feel more secure in their finances. I also have experience in the investing side of the mortgage industry, able to help real estate investors expand rental portfolios for investments to be used for retirement income. I am fully committed to assisting every customer with a quality experience that is both comfortable and smooth.

With 20 years of being in this business, I have been able to amass a large contact list which I can use to benefit clients. I have contacts for every category of mortgage lending and finance to ensure each client receives the best deal. I am not afraid to make recommendations that will save clients’ money or help clients to avoid potential frustration as the mortgage experience can be stressful without a knowledgeable specialist by your side.

In my spare time, I enjoy spending time with his wife traveling, reading books, exercising and most of all, meeting new people.


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